Booking a Tour

1. How do I book a tour?
Ans:You can call us toll free in Atlantic Canada at 877-877-2103 or local 506-877-2260.
Or if you prefer you can book through our contact page on this site.

2. When will I receive my tour documents?
Ans: We will send a receipt after we have received your deposit. The final day-by-day documents will only be sent after the final payment has been made. We do send it with your final receipt.

Tour Package Costs

1. What is included in the tour package price?
Ans: Your motor coach fare to and from the destination, a tour guide for the complete
tour, all accommodations along the way and at the tour destination, all breakfast and dinners,
luggage handling, shows and entertainment as detailed for your particular tour, and all
applicable taxes.

2. Are the prices in Canadian dollars?
Ans: Yes.

3. What form of payment does Pete Roy Tours accept?
Ans: We accept cash, cheque, Mastercard, or Visa

4. Is a deposit required when a tour is booked?
Ans: Yes all tours require a deposit of $100.

5. Can I call and give my credit card details over the phone?
Ans: Yes you can call and we will accept your credit card details via phone.

6. Are gratuities included in the tour cost?
Ans: Gratuities for Guides are not included.

7. Who do we make out a cheque to for our deposit or tour package?
Ans: Make cheques payable to Pete Roy Tours

Travel Documents

1. What do I need for identity documents?
Ans: You MUST have a valid passport if your tour goes to the US. You will be required
to show this at the US border.

2. What concern should I have about Insurance?
Ans: You should have some form of health insurance because Medicare does NOT cover
all of the costs that you might have, should you need hospital care.


1. How many pieces of luggage is it possible to take on the tour?
Ans: Each person is allowed (1) suitcase to be tagged and (1) carry-on case. At the end
of each day any “untagged” baggage will be left on the coach. The carry-on case must meet
standard airline carry-on baggage sizes.

2. How is the baggage handled?
Ans: Your tagged baggage must be left outside your room door each morning before you leave
for breakfast where it will be picked up and loaded on the coach for you.


1.What should I bring for travel clothes?
Ans: Bring clothing that you can use over again without having to wash them each day.
A light coat and perhaps a sweater to wear on cooler days. This depends weather of course.
Make sure that you bring footwear that is comfortable and that can be worn on more than one
occasion; Running shoes are great for walking, site seeing and exploring. Do not bring too many

Seat Rotation

1. Are seats rotated daily?
Ans: Yes each day a seat rotation will be carried out to allow everyone to see the countryside and sites from all positions on the motor coach.

Other Questions
Many other travelling questions are answered in our Travel-Tips section.