Travel Tips

Before you leave home

  • 1. Lock doors and windows.
    2. Give a key to someone that you can trust
    3. Arrange for someone to make periodic checks of your home while away
    4. Get someone to pickup your mail
    5. Put one or more lights on automatic timers.
    6. Turn off water to prevent a possible accident should a pipe burst
    7. Get the code on your answer machine in case you want to check messages while on the tour.
    8. Leave a copy of your tour details with a family member or a friend so you can be contacted in case of an emergency.
    9. Copy information from your credit cards and leave with someone you trust – especially the credit card cancellation numbers for report of lost cards.
    10.Check with your bank or credit union about your debit card. Some debit cards only work in Canada and must be activated for use in other countries.
    11. If you wish to bring a mobile phone you should check with your phone company about rates while on the a trip out of the country. You may find that rates are very high, however they may be able to offer you a special out of country rate.

Things to remember

  •  1. Bring a camera (and spare batteries or a charger) If your camera is digital then bring an extra memory chip.
    2. Put clear tags on your luggage
    3. Arrange for medical insurance for traveling outside Canada
    4. Don’t wear strong perfumes or after-shave (many travelers are allergic)
    5. Get a passport, and bring it with you, especially if traveling to the USA (you WILL need it)
    6. Bring a small travel alarm clock.
    7. Bring some comfortable footwear.
    8. A small umbrella that is easy to pack.

While on your tour

  • 1. Remember NO smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the motor-coach
  • 2. If you are going walking or exploring somewhere on your own then let other passengers or the tour guide know where.
  • 3. Tipping is already included on all meals provided by Pete Roy Tours. However, tipping is appropriate for all other meals and services
    4. Lock your hotel room door
  • 5. Consider buying a phone card if you plan to call home often. They are readily available and typically let you call Canada for 5¢ a minute or less.
  • 6. Bring a map. This will help you see your travel route and help you determine how far along your journey you have traveled.


Travel Insurance


1 Carry-on
1 Tagged Bag


Comfortable footwear
Jacket or Sweater

Special Diet

Check with tour guide early-on so that arrangements can be made with restaurants and hotels.


If you have allergies then you should make this known to the tour guide before your trip. It you require special medication remember to bring it along.